Project Services

Project Services support the planning and monitor the execution of the project. They are integral to the successful execution of the project. Project Services consist of the Controller, Procurement, Scheduling, and Cost Estimate departments.

Project Controller

The Project Controller monitors and manages the project budgeting processes, aligning the project's financial commitments with corporate financial policies and procedures. Project Controller maintains the cost records and submits the expenditures to Project Manager, for their verification and approval. Project financials are ensured to be consistent with the project budget and work breakdown structure allocations.

Project Procurement

Project Procurement works with vendors to secure the necessary supplies and equipment at the best price. This begins with compiling a list of project resource requirements into a bill of materials and creating or updating RFP documents and scoring model. Vendor selection in accordance with results of bid competitions and preferred vendor lists and supplier liaisons to gain cost and delivery information are additional responsibilities. Service contracts with suppliers must be negotiated and managed, cost information made available to project cost estimators, delivery dates furnished to project schedulers, and sourcing documentation to expeditors and purchasing agents to arrange delivery and follow up on vendor compliance.

Project Scheduling

Project Scheduling is responsible for developing integrated project schedules to manage project resources, scheduling maintenance and reporting from WBS. Project Scheduling includes detailed daily task and resource planning system, develop earned value analysis and calculations, and determine significant project milestones.

Project Cost Estimating

Project Cost Estimating is responsible for creating preliminary cost estimates in the planning phase and making all estimates according to the AACE guidelines appropriate to the project phase. Additionally, detailed construction level estimates of labour, materials, and equipment must be made. Proposals, estimates, and project change orders are to be reviewed and assessed. Finally, budget estimates are made based on market conditions and construction industry trends.

Completed Projects

  • Key Lake Revitalization (Acid Plant)
  • Technical Writing of the Millennium Feasibility Report
  • Cameco Corporation's 2009 Major Projects Capital Budget Planning
  • Millennium Project Feasibility Study Cost Estimate
  • Millennium Project Schedule
  • Cigar Lake Waterbury Centre Cost Estimate Analysis
  • Tobin Concept Project Schedule
  • Rabbit Lake Electrical Upgrade Scope and Cost Development